Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is one of the most innovative ways to highlight both your home and your landscape. With today’s demands in the job market, many home owners are rarely home during the daylight hours, especially during the shorter days of winter. Landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your landscape even after the sun has set. In addition, with the use of many subtle techniques, lighting can transform the landscape into an artscape of light and shadow.

  • Lighting is a great way to enhance curb appeal as well as adding security. A well-lit house is an excellent deterrent to crime.
  • Low Voltage Systems are less expensive to install and are typically lower wattage than standard lighting, making them more economical to run .
  • We use KICHLER LANDSCAPE LIGHTING for proven results.KICHLERland-sm

There are many ways to personalize your system to your individual character. The most popular use of landscape lighting is up-lighting the façade of a house and ornamental trees. Pathway lights have the most diversity in styles and are an easy way to make your system part of your personal character.

Lighting can focus on aspects in your landscape which are special to you, such as a statue, water feature, or an unusual planting, while shadowing or deemphasizing things like trash bins or compost areas.

At BLUEGRASS IRRIGATION we can customize a state of the art LED lighting system to fit your individual tastes and needs, addressing aesthetics, safety, security, utility, and energy efficiency.