Irrigation / Lawn Sprinklers


Shane Lyons, our service manager, has been with Bluegrass Irrigation since 1994. He's familiar with all aspects of the business, including installation. He is also a certified backflow preventer technician. Shane is customer-oriented, and understands the need for quick communication when a service call is initiated. We also employ five other full-time service technicians, all of whom have many years of service experience and are fully qualified to handle your service concerns. We make every attempt to have your system serviced by the same technician each time. This way, our technicians become familiar with your individual needs.

Service Programs:


Bluegrass Irrigation offers individual service programs for your system. These include Spring start-up, backflow preventer testing and maintenance, Fall winterization, system re-vamping (if necessary), and service repair calls upon request.

Backflow Preventer Testing and Maintenance Program:

Bluegrass Irrigation currently has eight technicians certified to test and repair all types of backflow devices. We also manage a program to annually test these devices, and take care of the paperwork required by the local water company.


All of our service technicians can be reached by cellphones for quick field delivery of service calls. This also allows for fast, direct contact with clients to expedite service calls or questions. We try to return all routine service calls as soon as possible, usually within the same day. We also maintain a 24-hour emergency number for your peace of mind.