• Zones

    Know Your Zone

    With spring approaching, we all get excited to step out and start thinking of planting, gardening and outdoor landscape projects. We should, especially after this winter! We open magazines and websites with spectacular outdoor pictures and how-to articles That’s all good, but first you need …

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  • Ice Walkway

    Know Your Ice Melt Options

    Dealing with icy sidewalks is uncommon in Lexington where snow and ice is not a frequent occurrence like other northern cities. There are many different ways to deal with ice, whether using one of many chemical compounds to melt it or using more environmentally friendly …

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  • @ Email

    What’s Your @?

    We are continuously compiling and updating our clients' email addresses.

    Email addresses are only used for things such as spring turn-on and fall winterization reminders, discounts and coupons etc. We will not share your email address with anyone else! It is also easy to unsubscribe if you change your mind. If we may include your email address in our files, or if …

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  • Drainage Systems

    Residential Drainage Systems

    You may not have known this, but we also install residential drainage systems. If you have noticed places in your yard where the water stands after a rain, or areas …

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  • Rain Sensor2

    Why Do I Need a Rain Sensor?

    Many of you may be wondering the best way to conserve water during those wet periods that doesn’t require manually starting your system. The best device which is tried and true is a rain sensor. This simple, wireless device can be installed on any system …

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  • Water Meter

    Sewer Fees- Should I Install a Separate Meter?

    There is a lot of discussion about sewer fees with respect to your lawn sprinkler system. Unfortunately, this is a case where one answer simply won’t apply. The best way to begin is where you live. Your particular sewer district and water district need to …

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  • Irrigation Spring

    Special Offers Coming Your Way!

    After the Spring turn-on cycle is completed, we offer significant discounts on system upgrades (such as rain sensors, tune-ups, add-ons, etc.). We will be emailing these offers to you at that time. There is no cost for an evaluation, so keep keep it in mind!

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  • Why Do I Need A Backflow Preventer?

    Have you ever wondered what the purpose of this “backflow” device is? Or why it is necessary? These devices are a required component of a sprinkler system. They have one purpose – and that is to stop water that is in your irrigation system from …

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