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Excess water accumulation in a lawn or landscape area can cause many problems. Sources of excess water include rainfall, gutter discharge, a/c discharge, and sump pump discharge to name a few. In addition to rendering the affected area unusable and unsightly, most plants including grass will not tolerate standing water. Additionally, standing water may enhance mosquito problems in the summer, and in general create a muddy nuisance. Sometimes, excess water can find its way into a basement creating expensive problems within the house. Take a look around your lawn and landscape, particularly after a heavy rain. It should be easy to spot standing water, and soft muddy spots where the water will not drain off.

That’s where we come in. The first step is to contact us for a free evaluation to see where the water is coming from, and how it can be redirected away. Often it may involve redirecting the source, such as gutter piping, away from the house. Other times it might involve channeling water from an area of concentration to a sloping area where it can escape. This involves installing drainage collection piping, and piping to convey the water away. It may also involve surface grates to quickly reroute water. If left unchecked, most problems don’t go away and usually get worse. The good news is that most of these types of problems can be solved.

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We have been in business over for 30 years and have built our reputation one client at a time. We get the job done and don’t leave a big mess for you to clean up (most companies just install the piping and leave the mounds and mess for you). In addition to having landscape and soil knowledge, we are also licensed plumbers and understand piping (most landscape companies have no plumbing background). Also, if you have an existing irrigation system, we can easily repair it if we damage it!

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