Why Do I Need A Backflow Preventer?

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of this “backflow” device is? Or why it is necessary? These devices are a required component of a sprinkler system. They have one purpose – and that is to stop water that is in your irrigation system from possibly flowing back into your plumbing system. How can this happen? Why is that a problem?

First of all, water that is in your sprinkler system is considered undrinkable. This is because it could potentially have contact with soil, lawn chemicals, animal droppings etc, rendering it unfit for consumption. Under unusual circumstances, such as unexpected loss of water pressure, it is possible for the water to travel backwards, and end up back in your plumbing system, which then could potentially be consumed.

The main reason these devices are installed is to prevent this from happening – hence the name “backflow preventer”. Annual testing is necessary to insure that these devices are working properly.